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Starsub went above and beyond to come out to the club after hours and personally fit our players for their merchandise. A service which was particularly well received by our female players who felt really comfortable in their uniforms because they were such a perfect fit.

Pat Clancey / President

Hawthorn Amateur FC

Having received the service offerings of both Puma & Grashan, Starsub’s offering was most impressive and the best pricing on offer. The quality of designs submitted for off-field apparel were all very impressive and left us with a difficult decision to make – which one to choose.

Elliot Kelly / Merchandise Manager

La Trobe University FC

Starsub was able to return our club to it’s original colour palette for the first time in years. This was important to many as it had been slowly diluted over the years with the previous suppliers. The responsiveness and turnaround on the 11th hour orders was also an added bonus.

Chris Swinburne / Secretary

St. John's Old Collegians FC

Starsub is yet to say no to a request & we have been impressed with design work & really appreciate the input into our Heritage Guernsey as we have received great feedback from our members. We appreciate your fast response to last minute requests for a replacement jumper and the finished garment is then promptly dropped on my doorstep at 3am in time for the next day’s game; the service provide was exceptional.

Brendan Camilleri / Merchandise Co-ordinator

St. Alban's FC

As a supplier into the sublimation industry, we service approximately 95 manufacturers and we chose Starsub to produce garments for us as they go above and beyond including flying a staff member up to Sydney to deliver the goods personally and to meet our crazy deadline. The goods were sensational, colour matched perfectly without any base reference to work off (so much could have gone wrong – it didn’t).

Phil Trumble / Managing Director

Pozitive - Sign & Graphic Supplies

We worked closely with Starsub designing a special women’s jumper and shorts pattern that we wanted. With the expertise Starsub gained working alongside the AFLW’s supplier, they guided us through the process resulting in a garment fit and design that our girls couldn’t be happier with. We have yet to wait longer than advised, with some orders arriving within two weeks of ordering!

Spiro Antypas / Apparel Merchandise Manager

Marcellin Old Collegians FC

The Old Xaverians Football Club is widely regarded as a leader in the VAFA and across the community football in Victoria/Australia. Xavier College is also one of the leaders in feeding players through to the AFL. It is a significant budget expenditure and as a result, we do an extensive assessment of each prospective apparel partner. Starsub proved to be the clear leaders for a number of reasons. Our senior coaches and players found the pro fit quad flex garment to be very comfortable and with its tailored for fitting, proved a standout in garment quality.

Peter Simpson / General Manager

Old Xaverians FC

After investigating a number of suppliers, the WRFL decided on Starsub as their preferred supplier. The key criteria in selecting was quality, quick turnaround and the ability to provide a wide range of sizes, including female styles. Starsub provided samples to try on which allowed confidence in the product we were seeking. In fitting out over 350 umpires which included socks, shorts, tees, jackets & caps; Starsub were able to meet our requirements in a very short time frame. Their willingness to come to our training venue and size the umpires was a service not expected.

Mark Westgarth / Director of Umpiring

WRFL Umpires

After more than 20 years with a former supplier and having no real reason to change we took a chance on the new boys on the block – Starsub. Their service offering was impressive and we were keen to see if they could actually deliver. In which they did – we received all order on time, both on-field & off-field. We also had some orders turned around in days with delivery to boot, even after hours to coach’s and committee members homes. The service was first class and maintained throughout the season.

Shane Buckingham / President

Hoppers Crossing FC

Starsub has been a revelation in an industry that has been plagued by poor performances and excuses. Their quality and the beyond reproach customer service and phenomenal turnaround times is first class. Above all, thanks for making apparel a delight to manager as opposed to a nightmare!

Ryan Jones / Merchandise Manager


Thanks for the outstanding effort and enormous work in getting the 360 tees produced in under 5 days. I understand you had your staff work through the weekend which is greatly appreciated. The finish and quality of the clothing is first class and we note that the time lines we requested were unrealistic and unachievable by most suppliers so we thank you for your work in making this happen.

David Newton / Manager - Next Generation Academy

Western Bulldogs FC - Next Generation Academy

When I called Starsub on a Monday, I thought the prospect of securing jumpers in days to play against the AFL USA team was all but a pipe dream but Starsub delivered, as they did all season. The tailored nature of the garments was one thing, the fit and feel also impressed and many were left to lament the standard jumpers that they have to wear on Sundays for their respective clubs which paled by comparison. Some players said that they can’t receive apparel through their clubs current supplier in three months, let alone three days!

Shane White / President

Manor Lakes FC

The Cotton On/Starsub partnership is a crucial part of our supply chain as an onshore manufacturer. When placed under strenuous production timeline pressure, on each occasion, without fail, they produce garments to our high standards on time and to specification.

Dom Gleeson / Business Manager


They never fail to deliver in the prescribed time frames. There business success is built around reputation and it’s a priority for our club to support Australian Made where possible. The ability to customise individual garments is also a masterstroke.

Greg Nichols / President

Canterbury AFC

Starsub quickly assumed market dominance in three short years against a 40 year incumbent. Starsub achieved that amazing position through 110% servicing of both the league and clubs alike with local manufacturing enabling them to provide quick order turnaround.

Peter Harley / Commercial Manager

Western Region Football League

Jumper quality is amazing, nice and light and they wear incredibly well. Because they are high quality, after a high spin they are virtually dry when they’re removed from the washing machine. The after hrs delivery was extraordinary – no other supplier offers it.

Afrim Odza / President

Box Hill North FC

From the outset – great communication resulting in quick and efficient service. For three years Starsub has delivered quality on and off field customised apparel to Allard Park. There flexibility makes life easy for our footy club.

Beau Branch / Merchandise Manager

North Brunswick AFC

Previous uniforms have only been designed for one body type. With Starsub we have been able to ensure that our men, women, boys and girls are all provided with high quality garments that fit correctly and last for years.

Owen Hinson / President

VAFA Umpires Association

These garments are quite simply the best our players have ever worn, they’re first class. Also, we had one of our female players very uptight about the garment fit, Starsub was able to use the same fabric it supplies into the AFLW for a one-off garment, she was thrilled.

Chris Beal / Merchandise Manager

Yarra Old Grammarians FC

Starsub provide a great fitting garment as unlike men the ladies don’t just fit into S, M & L, they were well received. In addition, we require a pink mother’s day set every year and often we leave our run late. Yet to be let down. Service perfection.

Michael Davis / Merchandise Manager

St. Leo's Emmaus AFC

Having confidence in delivery was paramount, you can’t muck around with match day apparel. Fitting out our girls was a breeze and giving them options on shorts design was a bonus. You don’t get the same service from others.

Nic Daish / Merchandise Manager

Old Melburnians AFC

Starsub were able to do a 7 day turnaround and deliver them in time for the match. At RMIT, we have never experienced this level of service with any other companies. Starsub’s customer service is second to none delivering uniforms at all hours.

Sarah McKenna / Merchandise Manager


As a startup club this year, Starsub guided us through logo, jumper & off field apparel design. Internally we struggled but we backed Starsub’s call and the result has been one we are thrilled with and has everyone talking. Importantly, the very time intensive design and sampling process did not cost us a red cent.

Nick Ladbrooke / President

Truganina FC

An order of shorts we thought were previously ordered weren’t, Starsub turned them around within a week in the midst of season peak . It’s their ability, size and scope to facilitate the most ridiculous requests and deliver customer service excellence over and over.

Peter Simpson / General Manager

Old Scotch AFC

Being the largest football club in the western suburbs and spending six figures annually on apparel – we continue to be heavily wooed by prospective suppliers. We did our research. Starsub give us superior quality and longevity. As a “Premier Partner” we receive extraordinary turnarounds no matter how ridiculous the request

Ivo Havard / President

Point Cook AFC

As the flagship VAFA club, we were approached by all three apparel suppliers. Starsub’s comprehensive experience with AFLW gave our women great peace of mind. Once decked out, we knew how better we presented compared to the offerings of the rival suppliers…Starsub has assisted in taking us to another level of professionalism.

Peter Simpson / General Manager

Old Xaverians AFC

Jumpers, shorts, socks, polos, tees, hoodies – for the first time, our club has one supplier. In the past, we’d never use the on field licensee to provide off field gear – it took 8 weeks to get 5 jumpers, which would often be the wrong size. Starsub gives us one shade of navy, one shade of sky blue – across the board. Consistent

Tracy Finlay / Merchandise Assistant

Point Cook Centrals FC

We have a mix of girls, narrow through the shoulders. After detailed research between all three suppliers on offer – one was a clear standout. Every player, tailor fitted, comfortable and after three years not a single issue or complaint. Following years of grief, finally, a supplier who just gets it.

Spiro Antypas / Merchandise Manager

Marcellin AFC

To create a landmark design for a one-off game then watch them raise a staggering 25k for the footy club at auction! Also, going thru the 22 jumpers, 48hrs before “What about a No.60 for the 60th Anniversary?” Starsub had it ready the following day. For 30 years I’ve been ordering apparel – Starsub is in a league of its own.

Mark Grech / Merchandise Manager

Sunshine FC

Dealing manufacturer direct is critical on so many levels. With high levels of customisation and no minimum orders coupled with being able to produce at a moment’s notice, we’d never go back to utilising an importer ever again – Starsub’s service is elite.

Dave Newton / Next Generation Academy Manager

Western Bulldogs Next Generation Academy

All our women are fitted out perfectly. We have many varied body shapes and sizes. Because of Starsub’s specialisation in the women’s arena – we loved the ability to add & take off length across standard and relaxed fit jumper styles. They just kill the importers.

Shane White / President

Manor Lakes FC

For 43 years we used Sherwood. The new boys on the block talked a big game but we’ve seen it too many times before. Three years on and its been the best move our club has ever made. I don’t know why the league would bother with an alternate supplier, everyone uses them, and nobody has a bad word to say.

Shane Buckingham / President

Hoppers Crossing FC

For his entire playing career our ruckman has never had a jumper that has fitted him correctly since he started playing. He is narrow through the shoulder blades and is 7ft tall. Starsub put him in an XS and added 15cm to the garment length. He is beyond thrilled.

Sharon Torney / Merchandise Manager

Fitzroy AFC

Starsub’s reversible garments have been universally adopted. We were thrilled with our media backdrop too. Collection after hrs is incredibly helpful to us. It’s important to be able to source Australian products made in Victoria and the quality leaves imported rubbish for dead. Lead times also can’t be beaten – they never let you down.

Simon Kingston / Merchandise Manager

Newport Power JFC

Their unparalleled commitment to Australian Made aligned strongly with Kookaburra’s core values as did their commitment to innovation. Today, Kookaburra leads the market in state-of-the-art customized apparel to elite and domestic teams alike.

Leigh Mooney / Business Manager


Looking to have consistent colour and sizing in our uniform which had been lacking – we turned to Starsub. We have never been let down in all areas from design to delivery and have had many compliments on the quality and aesthetic appeal each item of our apparel bearing the Starsub brand.

Di Forsyth / Merchandise Manager

Stingrays Basketball

Apparel has been a debacle at our association for years. We’ve heard every excuse – power failures, tsunami’s, strikes at the port. “That’s manufacturing” said the unscrupulous Geelong importer. The continuing lack of integrity was staggering. Starsub. Wow. Three years. No issues. Not one complaint and quality without compare

Bec Keating / Merchandise Manager

Hoppers Crossing Netball Association

Our partnership with Starsub is an easy process. Their passion, professionalism and attitude has never wavered – they place customers first. They are prompt, reliable and their system of process from design, ordering and collection is not problematic like dealing with importers. We recommend Starsub very highly.

Bob Pupavac / President

South Geelong Kings Basketball

Apparel had been a source of great frustration into BBG. A dozen shades of the core red and blue existed, along with farcical delays and a litany of excuses for them. Starsub changed all that and provided a level of service excellence that had never previously existed

Andrew Scotford / CEO

Basketball Geelong

What means the most to our parents is that Starsub will create an individual dress for their daughters that they will be able to get multiple years use out of because they adapt the length on demand. Our off-field apparel was cleverly designed too, our girls look the best on and off court…”

Megan Smith / Merchandise Manager

Phoenix Netball Club

Starsub went above and beyond and were well received by our players because they were such a perfect fit. Top up orders being turned around within 5 days was also impressive. Ordering merch was a just as it should be, easy.

Pat Clancey / President

Hawthorn AFC

After seven years of import hell through BLK & Puma, Starsub have been a revelation and proof that when you actually own the business (as opposed to just collecting a wage) the service levels are without compare. Supporting Australian Made is also important to us.

Tony Boyce / Treasurer


The range of creative off field apparel designs were all very impressive. They were unique to Latrobe and were sight unseen. In the past – template driven designs by BLK were also used by hundreds of other clubs, were common, bland & passe.

Sam Benetti-Baker / Merchandise Manager

La Trobe Uni AFC

Our club has had multiple issues with another global supplier not delivering on time, making gear wrong etc. Starsub were so helpful to ensure we had the gear we needed by Round 1, even when it wasn’t their mistake (it was the other supplier). We are so grateful and look forward to a long relationship with Starsub.

Steph Payne / President

Williamstown CYMS AFC

First came across Starsub in my role at NMFC and we were pleased with the result. MUWFC were professionally custom fitted and with delays we finally submitted the order with less than two weeks until Rd1 – we had the completed order delivered the week before the first game. Unrivalled service

Leah Caluzzi / Merchandise Manager

Melbourne Uni Women's AFC

Custom designed, sight unseen – visually we stand apart from others. We have garments being recycled through teams that are five years old. With our past supplier, we were lucky to have garments see out a year. Starsub quite simply provide the very best gear on the market.

Grant Wardrop / President

Western Wildcats Basketball

To be able to utilise at no cost designers who produce work at the elite level and have them design us a unique range has played no small part in taking our club to a new level of professionalism.

Ivo Havard / President

Werribee Cricket Club