From our European laser cutter to producing sublimated fluro apparel, we’ve always embraced state of the art technology. Our photographic quality print results must be seen to be believed.
Our innovative single ply reversible garments have amazed over many years and across many different fabrics.


As a 24/7 operation, we frequently perform the impossible. Our range of production timeframes are a benefit when you need them most.

With the ability to control the entire process, we can offer 7,14, 21 & 28 day turnaround times


It may not seem important, however there are currently no laws to stop an unscrupulous supplier selling a garment laden with up to five cancer causing chemicals.

At Starsub Apparel, we offer guilt and liability free purchasing.


Maintaining, let alone gaining, sponsors is difficult task for a club to accomplish.

With over 30 years’ experience we have the know-how and ability to build revenue generating opportunities through apparel and a host of other means.


65 Victorians are employed in the production of each and every garment. To deliver the best, we employ the best in Australia. With Starsub, your spend stays local and supports Australia.


No excuses, no buck passing. We control the entire process and are beholden to no one.

We do what we say, when we say it. We frequently perform the impossible, even delivering in the wee small hours.

See for yourself. Come for a tour and we will show you the entire process.


Talk is cheap and with so many inexperienced people trying to make a quick buck peddling cheap product – we back our gear in against anyone’s.

With a viable second hand markets on selling our product 7 years after delivery – its undeniable proof.


Our social responsibility. Benefitting causes that directly impact our community along with those of our resellers and clubs alike means the world to us.

We’ve been proud to partner with BCNA, Bushfire Relief & Movember to name a few.


We honestly believe few make a garment like we do. It may be a bold statement but our business was founded upon an unrivalled level of service that cannot be achieved by utilising a factory 7,500km’s away. There has never been a better time to buy Australian.


We partner with industry heavyweights and produce club gear no differently.

We’ve manufactured on behalf of the biggest and the best, and this affords all our partners, large and small, unfettered peace of mind that clubs receive the same high-quality apparel.


Adjust garment length up or down to suit, across any garment.

The ability to uniquely adjust garments down to a centimetre can mean the world to players of all shapes and sizes.

This bespoke service comes at no additional cost.


Never carry costly stock ever again and save your club thousands year upon year.

Many place hefty surcharges on ordering a singular garment, we take pride in offering single garments without additional fees. No minimums, regardless of the sublimated item.


It takes many ingredients to produce to a consistently high standard and we’re proud of ours. No short cuts. No compromises. No half measures. Utilising the very best consumables is only part of the equation.


Forget set styles and patterns. We offer true individuality.

With one of the largest design team’s going around, one of our hallmarks is that no two clubs wear the same designs.

We create with meaning and intent to ensure your design is unique to your club and brand..


Achieve a professional edge over your competition.

Creating professional excellence with a cohesive and unified look across all your apparel. Design consistency is what sets teams apart visually and ensures that your club is unique and without compare.


Our commitment to Australian Made ensures that no garment endures as well as ours does.

Some of our garments have even been recycled through clubs 7 years after they were first purchased.

Our fabric quality saves clubs from having to re-order replacements across all grades year after year.