Our fabrics are proudly made right here in Melbourne. Not only are we embracing all things Australian Made but in many ways also creating a superior product.

Aside from being made locally, our fabric is also dyed locally utilising the highest quality German ingredients which are integral to ensure the longevity of our garments. Soft to touch and wear even better over time. For this reason, our Australian made fabrics have been uniquely independently certified by the CSIRO Textile Division to be 100% carcinogen free. A claim many other cannot make.

As our entire production process is carcinogen free, we take great pride in the fact that no long-term harm will come to any child wearing our garments.

All our local fabrics are produced via circular knit machines. Using this unique process, we even have an exclusive range of three different weight spandex (lycra) fabrics providing four way (Quad) stretch. Ordinarily quad flex fabrics are constructed via warp knit machines, however the process has been long abandoned in Australia.

It is also important to note that many of our garments can be lined, creating another world of possibilities.  Our list of fabric is constantly evolving but here are some of our favourites;

Fabric Options

Sports Mesh 36 (Eyelet Mesh)

Our most popular fabric. Extremely light, breathable, and highly durable. It lacks the give of its higher filament cousin (SM144), however it is popular as an AFL warm up tee because it can withstand light tackling. Also widely used for on field cricket polos, training tees, shorts, and singlets as it is our most resistant fabric to Velcro gloves and pads. This fabric is used widely in the construction industry for hi – vis polos. Although there is little give in this fabric, if sized and cared for correctly, garments made from this fabric can last years.

Sports Mesh 144 (Eyelet Mesh)

This higher filament fabric is soft to touch and feel. Whilst heavier than SM36, it actually feels lighter on the skin because it has so much give. Popular for off field/after game garments while also used as a lining in our range of track tops and hoodies. Elite and first class teams often use this fabric for on field use as they replace garments on a yearly basis. Due to the significant impact garments can be put through on field, we would not recommend for domestic on field applications.

Sports Elite (Lightweight Interlock)

A popular fabric for warm up tees and off field polos. Similar to the touch and feel of spandex, it prints incredibly well. As a common fabric used for soccer tees and shorts, it has reasonable give, is light and is very comfortable to wear. However, as it is an interlocked fabric its breathability is greatly reduced.

Bi Flex – 7759 (Midweight Interlock) – 100% Polyester

Our most common fabric for entry level AFL jumpers. Incredibly strong and able to withstand the rigours associated with AFL footy. A comfortable fabric with good bi-flex properties. Also used for single ply reversible basketball and/or training singlets.

Quad Flex – Sports Supreme (Midweight Interlock) – 95% Poly/5% Spandex

Whilst slightly heavier than Bi Flex, this spandex composite fabric feels much lighter. Traditionally used at the elite level, this fabric is also gaining significant traction in domestic and amateur competitions. Best suited to pro (slim) fit garments where the figure hugging fit ensures tackling becomes more difficult.

Quad Flex – Heavy (Heavyweight Interlock) – 90% Poly/10% Spandex

If there is a stronger fabric than the heavyweight quad flex – we are yet to see it. Ground-breaking and exclusive to Starsub, we are incredibly proud of this fabric we developed in conjunction with our mill. Also used for high end hoodies and lined track tops. However, while it is wick treated like all our fabrics, the sheer weight of the fabric can feel very heavy under sweating conditions.

Pinhole (Polo Elite)

This signature fabric is used widely for corporate and professional polos. A very comfortable 96 filament fabric, it has slightly more body than its cousin SM144. Also commonly used for tees and singlets.

Microfibre Flex

A new fabric to our range and used primarily in our elite shorts. Due to the four way stretch, this is the most unassuming fabric to wear. Our elite shorts are so popular, many customers buy multiple pairs as it becomes hard to wear anything else. Also used for umpire shorts and pants.


Our primary fabric used for our hoodies. A double brushed fleece with a smooth face, this foundation fabric prints incredibly well. Limited give so best used in more relaxed fitting garments. Other applications include cricket vests.

Golf Ball

An upmarket smooth circular open weave. Used commonly for polos (on field and off field cricket), tees and singlets.


A recent addition to our range, as the name suggests features small hexagonal shapes. With great breathability and even better flex, we are certain this fabric will be in high demand for future cricket seasons.

Poly Spandex – 93% poly / 7% spandex

Used commonly for upper body compression garments and lycra briefs.

Spandex – Lightweight – 90% poly / 10% spandex

Our lightest spandex composite. Rarely used because the translucent/show through properties make the fabric quite revealing.

Spandex – Midweight – 85% poly / 15% spandex

Our most popular spandex composite as it combines the best of both the light and heavyweight.

Spandex – Heavyweight – 80% poly / 20% spandex

A heavyweight spandex composite, its primary use is for compression pants/womens leggings. For those who desire a true compression focused on providing confidence under stress, during exercise and assisting in muscle recovery post exercise.

(Please note that with all spandex composite fabrics, some show through can occur if the garment is excessively stretched due to ink being applied on the top of the ridges of the fabric in its relaxed state.)

As industry leaders, we are so certain about the quality, make and finish of our garments that we offer a two-year conditional warranty on all our products (excluding excessive wear’n’tear).

For instance, should a seam come apart we will either repair (if applicable) or replace old for new